Focus on safety – living with the C-Leg® compact.

Standing, walking, moving freely – getting back to everyday life.

  • The C-Leg® compact is a special further development of the C-Leg®, making many things possible that are also
    supported by the C-Leg®. This is largely due to the fact that both prostheses are based on a comparable
    microprocessor and sensor system. The C-Leg® compact is also based on natural human movement patterns and replicates them. However, the C-Leg® compact is more suitable for restricted outdoor walkers with mobility grade 2 or higher. Availability for people with lower mobility meant

  • the development focus was mainly on the aspect of safety. Primary objectives include the greatest possible freedom of movement and safety at home and in the local environment as well as a normal everyday life. Additional functions for greater activity were therefore not included. The C-Leg® compact uses state-of-the-art technology to provide highly effective protection against falling and boosts confidence, even in uncertain everyday situations.

Safety at the push of a button – having both feet firmly on the ground.

  • The permanently active stance phase control stabilizes the joint during the entire stance phase: from heel strike to hydraulically controlled swing phase. The C-Leg® compact also offers important features for standing: activated by remote control, the standing function ensures a safe and comfortable stance in a standing position between 0 and 30 degrees, which you can select.

  • Mobility grade for<br />C-Leg<sup>®</sup> compact
    Mobility grade for
    C-Leg® compact

    Learn more about your mobility grade. The mobility grade is based on your everyday activities, from which your requirements for a prosthetic fitting can be derived.

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C-Leg® compact in daily use